The Mini Beast Ride-On Mower Landscape Stick Rake

Just as a stick insect or ‘mini beast’ eats leaves all day, The Mini Beast by Dissy Machinery™ is a ride-on mower landscape stick rake that will clean up your yard in minutes!  Effortlessly clean up your sticks, twigs and leaves laying around your property with The Mini Beast! 

Especially designed for ride-on mowers, The Mini Beast attaches to any type of mower with a pin hitch at the rear.  Simply attach with the hitch pin and hard work is made easy with The Mini Beast!

No need to get on and off your ride-on mower with The Mini Beast!  When the rake is full simply lift up the lever on The Mini Beast to unload your gathered sticks and leaves in a neat pile ready to be removed or burnt (subject to council fire regulations) then keep on going!

What are The Mini Beast Ride On Mower Rake Specifications?

The Mini Beast is 1200mm wide which is approximately three times the size of a standard rake from the hardware store, but you’re also cutting out the manual work of using a standard rake!  Why work up a sweat for hours raking up sticks and leaves when you can do it from the comfort of your ride-on mower seat?

The Mini Beast is made of powdercoated 25mm x 25mm RHS frame whilst there are 18 x 7mm spring steel tynes to do all the hard work.  The Mini Beast also comes with 2 x large 4.80/4.00-8 pneumatic wheels with bearings.

Even though The Mini Beast is tough and rugged it weighs in at only 26kg, making it the perfect size for all types of ride-on mowers.  Most heavier landscape rakes on the market for towing behind Utes and ATVs weigh 80kg+ making them too heavy to tow behind ride-on mowers.

Want the versatility of using your new The Mini Beast with more than just a ride-on mower with a pin hitch?  Simply purchase with the optional 50mm tow hitch and you’ll be able to use your new The Mini Beast with any ride-on mower with a standard tow ball!

Ergonomic Handle

No need to get off your ride-on mower to empty the rake.

Spring Steel Tines

Ensures the rake follows the contours of the ground without the worry of bent tines.

Quick Hitch

Simply connect The Mini Beast with the hitch pin and you’re ready to go.


I do love my mower rake. It makes raking up my gumtree bark and twigs effortless and fast.  A job that would take hours is done in half an hour.

from Vic

Truly one of the best bits of kit I’ve purchased in terms of value for money and saving me time and effort. Lent it to my neighbour who also praised it.

from WA

Best thing I have ever got.  Instead of days whinging of sore backs raking the conventional way, now leaves and sticks are all in windrows neat and easy to burn.  It’s also great for horse dung.  Great little buy he (hubby) loves it and I love it.

from Vic

The Mini Beast

By Dissy Machinery™

32 Ironstone Road
Epsom, Vic 3551